make your own jewellery

I've been admiring all of the geometric jewellery on offer at the moment and had a bit of a brainwave. Why not make your own?! I've come up with a very simple DIY idea that works out pretty cheap, especially if you're making a few. When I was about 10 my mum introduced me to fimo for modelling. It's easy to mould and you just need to bake it for 30 mins in the oven to harden it. I hadn't used this stuff for about 10 years and suddenly I was wondering why not!
All you'll need is....
  • Fimo (available from craft shops/ ebay)
  • Gold paint
  • Cheap necklace chains
  • Rolling pin
  • Scalpel & a ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Paper 
Use the paper to make geometric stencils to cut from the Fimo. Roll the Fimo on a cutting mat, then with a sharp scalpel and ruler cut around your stencil. Use a pen to make holes for the chain to feed through and then bake your shapes on a foiled baking tray for 30 mins on 110ºC or 230ºF remembering to leave them to cool and harden once baked. Now you're free to paint the gold areas. You will probably need at least three coats and it's sensible to let each coat dry before moving on to the next. Finally thread the chain through the holes. You may need to temporarily remove a metal end that might prevent the chain from fitting through.


  1. I love this idea! A cheap alternative to the expensive pieces sold everywhere these days.

  2. cool! I'll do it! thanks for share!

  3. These are amazing! I LOVE the colors you chose!!

  4. This could be easily done with cold porcelain, it's a great idea!

  5. Amazing! would you recommend fimo effect or fimo soft?