stencil pro test drive

Some posts ago I excitedly talked about the Stencil Pro set I got for my Birthday. This is a home alternative to screen printing that uses natural light and no chemicals (pretty clever). Our little break provided the perfect opportunity to try the kit out and create some wall art for our home. It takes a bit of trial and error to workout the amount of time to expose it in the sun, as the recommended time lengths are for sunny San Francisco rather than cloudy England, but I got there in the end.
I created this wall art as another little reminder that every new day belongs to God. It's all too easy to start a day with my own agenda, planning my time as if it's my own, using my money as if it belongs to me, using my energy as if God isn't the one sustaining me, approaching people as if they fit into my plan rather than God's and using my gifts and talents as if they're my own. God is Lord over each day and anything we've been given to work with, is evidence of God's grace in our life. Each day is not really about us at all. Instead it's an opportunity to faithfully use what he's given us and live in a way that glorifies our Creator because he is completely perfect, totally just, more loving than any of us could ever be and a whole lot bigger than we are!

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  1. amaaaazing little splurge at the end. good word!