out with the old

So I thought it was time for a spring clean, despite the obvious fact that spring is long gone. I felt it was time to re-design my blog with my main intention being to de-clutter! I have a natural tendency to add layer after layer to my designs, which probably comes from years spent avidly collaging. I was hoping for a fresher look and a simpler backdrop for each post to sit in. I say all this as if I did anything more than design it. My husband took care of making it all and changing the html coding lark. I have no understanding of any of that stuff. He said that I deal with the looks and he's the brain, which sounds mildly insulting but I guess it's true. It took six months for me to tire of my original design so lets see where things are after another six months.

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  1. Love it! Keep inspiring me with you creative juices!!!