sweet tooth

Looking at these paper creations make my eyes so happy! I stumbled across her Etsy shop the other day  and fell for Essimar's simple screen prints in fresh, candy colours. I adore minimal designs with just a hint or suggestion of something. As they say (I'm not sure who) 'less is more'. Tres chic indeed.

the 'goings-on' of 2012

I’m always looking for something to illustrate, which may well have something to do with why I ended up in cards. Here’s a little present I made for my husband last Christmas after much talk of getting organized. I’m not sure it worked but it does look nice on the wall. As usual I thought it would be a quick project, after all there are only 12 months to illustrate, right?  Hmmm…well it took a little longer than expected and I ended up finishing it on Christmas Eve and giving it to Nick unbound.  It’s the thought that counts.

pimp my vase

You may have noticed I love jam jars! They’re such a cheap and easy way to store and present things. Here’s a quick little DIY idea for jazzing up your plain, glass jam jars with a few bits and pieces you may well find in your craft stash at home. It would make a bunch of flowers into an even sweeter gift or perhaps an idea for a wedding and party centre pieces. Just be careful not to get the paper wet if you fill it up for flowers. Soggy isn’t a good look. You'll need....
Wash out your jam jar and clean off any labels. Once dry attach the ripped paper with some double sided tape and wrap around the jar. Overlap the paper slightly and attach with another line of double side tape. Then do the same with your lace and wrap your string or twine round and round. Transfer a phrase onto your tag (I trimmed mine to make it even smaller) and thread this on to the twine/string. Finish it off with a bow and your vase is complete. 

brunch o'clock

As someone who never dreams of missing breakfast, brunch has never held much appeal. Its always seemed quite inferior standing in the shadow of the 'most important meal of the day'. Despite this I decided to embrace brunch a few weekends ago thinking it sounded kind of romantic and maybe even a little continental. I’d seen a mocha frappe recipe on A Beautiful Mess blog and felt it was begging for a try. To go with these I made banana, toffee & pecan muffins, the perfect way to use up bananas that look past their former glory. Milk and I don’t get along very well so I used soya milk instead, which worked just as well and I kept the muffin topping simple with walnut halves and a sprinkle of brown sugar before baking.

eye candy

I paid a visit to one of my most loved shops a couple of weeks ago. The Hambledon in Winchester is a treasure trove full of beautiful, quirky and retro finds, including homeware, stationery, decorations, toiletries, cameras, gifts and lots of art and illustration books. Be warned it’s hard to keep a trip brief! The only thing that inspired me to leave was the scorching day I’d left behind outside.

Here are a some of the lovely cards I spyed. Even on my days off I can't seem to stay away from cards.

Lisa Jones Studio
I have no note of where this was from but I like it!
Keep Studio
Hello Lucky

future mr and mrs

Here's another lovely wedding stationery project I've been working on over the last few months! My good friends Heather and Adrian requested a colourful, hand painted look for their country fete style wedding in August. I tend to do a lot of sketching, collage and computer work but it has to be said, I was very pleased to be reunited with my paintbrush for this little adventure.

Heather and Adrian have been together nearly five years and spent a good amount of that time talking about getting married so it's super exciting that this is the year! The photo above was taken at my wedding by Rebecca Wedding Photography back in September. Now it's only 60 days to go!

now i know my abc

A couple of Saturdays ago Nick and I decided it would be fun to bake some alphabet cookies. Perhaps not everyones weekend activity of choice but it was ours! Our initial hope was to make enough letters to play an edible game of scrabble, until we realised (only after an amusingly long amount of time) that we’d be able to see each others letters from the other side. It wouldn’t have made for a very challenging game at all so instead we baked nearly three alphabets worth of cookies and just had some fun playing around.

We used my alphabet cutter set which was one of my exciting freebies from the Jamie Oliver Party I held and decided two different types of cookie would be much more exciting than one. Half were gingerbread biscuits  with cream cheese frostingand the other half were chocolate cookies (minus the gooey centre)  with peanut butter frosting. Yum! We started at 2pm and finished at 8pm. That’s a proper bake-athon indeed!