so that was july....

From top left...
*For the first time in a reeeeeally long time July actually felt like a very generous dollop of Summer! Parks, picnics and frozen desserts in abundance.
*Busyness finally gave way to some time to rest and see my lovely Husband who somewhat lost out recently. It’s amazing how you can miss someone who lives in the same house.
*This lovely couple got hitched! It was a beautiful day and so much fun to finally get to put all my months of craftiness into action. Looking forward to sharing some more of that with you.
*With hot weather comes thunder storms, which I’ve surprisingly enjoyed falling asleep to. Perhaps the best part is waking up to a calm, stillness in the morning. I think I need to make more time for that stillness in my life. 
*Literally never thought I’d be glad to see a nineties revival filling the shops but I have to say I’m loving it! It’s just flashback after flashback. Caught up in this nostalgia, even sparkly high heeled jelly shoes seem quite appealing.
*I love the book of Ecclesiastes and was pretty pumped to hear that’s what we’d be going through in July. Another great chance to do some sermon artwork and some brilliant sermons to listen to. Check them out here.

a classic...not so classic

You may remember me doing a guest post for the very lovely Lauren over at Aspiring Kennedy blog a little while ago. From now on I'll be guest posting a recipe every month. Today's recipe was a revelation for me. I'd never liked this boring old sponge until I tried this version at a friend's tea party. Check out her scrumptious baking blog here and for full details of how to make this sweet treat, make a trip in this direction.

and finally

Well chaps, late as it may be, The Lovely Drawer has now made it’s way onto instagram. I’ve never had an aversion to it, just a very poor phone camera. It was a happy day a couple of weeks ago when I finally got a new phone. Nick showed me all it’s new, exciting tricks but I was mainly just happy to be able to take photo’s without the unwelcome grain affect. Wahoo! Find me here or in the side bar. 

summer smiles

Um, I’m wondering when I’ll wake up from this extended dream of a heat wave! I’m 100% loving that bare legs and sandals are on the menu everyday. Ok so the tubes are a glorified sweat fest and bed time leaves me groaning for an electric fan and wondering if sleeping outside on concrete is a feesable idea, but then hey!...I’m not complaining. Here’s a little summery illustration of mine to celebrate our little slice of summer. Hot air balloons always signal summer for me. In the same way the Coca Cola advert tells me it’s the beginning of the festive season, hot air balloons tell me it’s time to prepare the patio and and replace the sunglasses I lost the previous year. Praise God for such beauty and grace revealed in his creation under the warmth of the sun! I'll be back to more meatier posts soon. I've been a very busy girl!

print supreme

After posting my last colour palette that included one of Freya Cumming's beautiful screen prints, I realised her work deserved a whole post of it's own. The Scottish based designer has had extensive training in print making which is clear from her striking prints. She manages to capture  a sense of spontaneity with her materials and yet the colours, shapes and negative space is so sensitively considered. Her use of layering colour and pattern is enchanting! 
So if you like what you see then check out her website here. I hope you like her work as much as I do!

unexpected gems

I love a bargain! Actually I think it's fair to say I only ever buy bargains. Sale items, charity shop finds and ebay steals are the way I role. Nick has only convinced me of the merit in spending the extra wack on a select few items. One of which being winter boots. I learnt the hard (wet) way but it took me 6 or so pairs over the years to wear down my resolve. Anyway, here’s a bright and cheery bargain to match the bright and cheery weather outside. Check out these fun cushions from Matalan for only....wait for it....£6! You could probably spend that on one quick trip to Tesco Metro on your way home! Brighten up your pad with this instant colour pop. Yay!

ahhh fresh