so that was july....

From top left...
*For the first time in a reeeeeally long time July actually felt like a very generous dollop of Summer! Parks, picnics and frozen desserts in abundance.
*Busyness finally gave way to some time to rest and see my lovely Husband who somewhat lost out recently. It’s amazing how you can miss someone who lives in the same house.
*This lovely couple got hitched! It was a beautiful day and so much fun to finally get to put all my months of craftiness into action. Looking forward to sharing some more of that with you.
*With hot weather comes thunder storms, which I’ve surprisingly enjoyed falling asleep to. Perhaps the best part is waking up to a calm, stillness in the morning. I think I need to make more time for that stillness in my life. 
*Literally never thought I’d be glad to see a nineties revival filling the shops but I have to say I’m loving it! It’s just flashback after flashback. Caught up in this nostalgia, even sparkly high heeled jelly shoes seem quite appealing.
*I love the book of Ecclesiastes and was pretty pumped to hear that’s what we’d be going through in July. Another great chance to do some sermon artwork and some brilliant sermons to listen to. Check them out here.

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