a little break

Our beach holiday this year was a little different to last year. The British seaside doesn’t quite compare to the white sand and turquoise sea of the Maldives but never the less the sun was shining and it was lovely to get away and relax in the apartment we borrowed from church friends. We took the opportunity to have some fun with our new toy. A few weeks ago we received a very generous gift in the form of a DSLR camera which I was very very excited about! I feel no sadness in saying good bye to the poor quality of my ‘point and shoot’. Time away gave us a bit of space to get used to our new camera and have a bit of a play, seeing as we were both a bit clueless. There’s lots of things to learn but I’ve been told ‘practice, practice, practice.’

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  1. Gorgeous Teri! I want a DSLR! Maybe Christmas! Emma x