milk & cookies

Here’s a quick and easy gift idea that won’t cost very much to make. All you’ll need is...
  1. The free template printed onto card.
  2. Scissors
  3. Stapler
  4. Milk bottle sweets
  5. Cookies (I used bought but baking a batch would be a far better present)
Just download the free printable, in mushroompink or turquoise and print the header onto card. Fold horizontally (score for a better fold) and then you’ll need a clear cellophane bag or something similar. I bought mine from trusty Wilkos. Then fill about half of the bag with the milk bottle sweets and cookies and then sandwich the top of the bag in between the the folded header and fix with a staple on either side. Simple as that!


  1. So what are milk bottle sweets? Do you buy them or did you make them out of a candy mold?

  2. Over here in the UK you can buy little milk bottle sweets! So I just used some of them!