don't wait for summer

Ok so we are still waiting for Summer to come and say hello but here are a few bright little things to cheer things up a bit. I have to say I've always been a big fan of a limited colour palette but I'm slowly starting to change my mind and embrace the rainbow!
  1. Mini lanterns from Typo
  2. Nail varnishes from Barry M.
  3. Bring back multi coloured sprinkles. They shouldn't just be reserved for kids birthday parties!
  4. Geometric exercise book
  5. Candy cracker free from Eat Drink Chic blog. 
  6. Pink luggage labels from Knot and Bow
  7. Birthday card from Typo
  8. Forget pastel macaroons, put a few more drops of food colouring in the bowl. Macaroons from this lovely blog. 

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