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Here's how I made some of the bits and pieces for my party if you feel inspired to have a go.

1. The coloured jars are a cute way to display any flowers. They look really affective but what makes them even better is that they're super duper simple to make. Just use old jam jars in any sizes (washed and labels removed) and your choice of paint colour. I used the little decorating tester pots as they have every colour you could ever want but I think I've seen someone else do this with acrylic paint too. Use a long paintbrush to paint the inside using a dabbing motion. Let them dry and give them another coat if they  are patchy. Now your flowers have a new pretty home.

2. These paper fans are a quick way to make a decorative backdrop. Use different papers to layer up colour. I think the first craft I ever learnt as a little kid was how to concertina into a fan. Who would have thought such a simple technique could create such good looking wall art. Here is a straight forward tutorial to get you going.

And finally an easy way to make a table runner is just to paint it yourself. If you are after longevity then you could get your hands on some fabric paint but I just used the rest of my paint tester pots. Use a sturdy fabric like curtain lining, as this will make it easier to paint on. Simply stencil out your design with masking tape and get painting. It's a quick way to add a flash of colour to your table.

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