sugar coated

I decided to or shall we say got roped into hosting a Jamie Oliver party. If you aren’t familiar with such a concept it’s basically one of those evenings where you get a load of friends together to look at an array of lovely products with a chance to buy some at the end of the evening from the lady leading the party If you host and a certain amount is sold you get an amount to spend back in credit wahoo! I had a lot of fun picking nice things from the JME range for free. I saw the evening as another excuse to do a bit of party styling.

I have a lot of fun doing this sort of thing and love having an opportunity to do lots of DIY details. The ‘how to’ on all of these things will be in my next post. I did a whole lot of baking but I have to say I was pretty impressed by this recipe from trusty Delia Smith. It was all scrummy and moist. I added a bit of extra lemon zest and did a simple butter cream icing with some lemon juice instead of her suggestion.