oh christmas tree

I'm very excited to be putting our tree up this weekend! It was always a bit of an occasion growing up. Even as teenagers me and my brother would clear our diary to make sure we were present on this magical day. Bought decorations are lovely but there's something even better about making a few new decorations every year. Here's an idea to try. These hanging tree decorations look just the right dose of handmade and couldn't be much more straightforward.
You will need...
How to make...
  1. Start by rolling out the clay until it's all about 1cm thick. 
  2. Use your cutters or scalpel around a stencil to stamp out your shapes. Use a pencil to make a hole at the top of each shape enabling you to hang them later. Set aside.
  3. For the circular decorations you need to stamp in your Christmas phrases while the clay is still mouldable.  
  4. Leave all the shapes to dry out overnight or you can use the microwave to dry them out quicker. 
  5. Then glaze your decorations. I did two coats either side to make sure the coverage was even and nice and glossy. 
  6. You can now get busy with your sharpie marker. The gloss enhances the metallic affect. Simply draw out whatever design you want. My doodles are pretty easy to copy. I used a medium nib sharpie but if you want more detail you can go for a fine nib. 
  7. Then thread your string/tapestry thread through the hole and tie a knot in the end.

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