aspiring kennedy; what to pack for a trip to England

It’s that time again! Time for Lauren over at Aspiring Kennedy to share some travel love and as my blog readership is shall we say US heavy (an understatement) this should be pretty handy if you are thinking of making the journey across the pond. For more from Lauren, check out her awesome blog. Sit back and soak in all her fun adventures in life and all around the globe.

1. Scarf // This is essential. It'll keep you warm when the sun hides out, and can easily get stashed in your purse when it doesn't. 

2. Coat // I hate to say it, but a coat is almost essential year round here. Light weight trenches or quilted coats are perfect for the "warmer" months.

3. Booties // People think it rains all day in England. That's not true. It just typically rains at some point on every day in England. So while you won't be drenched, you definitely want to be wearing the right shoes when the clouds do cry… or you might find yourself crying, too. I wear booties a lot. It's a good middle ground from the bulkiness of longer boots while still offering good protection from the crappy weather.

4. Water bottle // I like to keep these in my purse when I'm doing the tourist thing to avoid repeatedly paying £4 for bottled water. And yes, the tap water is safe to drink…. and request at restaurants. Hooray for legislation that requires restaurants to provide it for you.

5. Socks // I always say that Brits flash a bit of their quirk through their socks. When you're on the tube, take a peek at the ankles of the businessman across from you. You'll see the brightest and happiness socks peeking out under their dress pants. Get in the spirit with your own pair.

6. Guide //Take some notes from people who know how to travel in the NY Times "36 Hours" book. It highlights some amazing things to see/do/eat during your stay. Oh, and you can also pick up a few things on the travel section of my blog, Aspiring Kennedy.

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