valentine's day comes late

Life has seemed pretty non-stop busy recently, which is possibly why I ended up rundown and nursing a yucky cold this week. Nick and I decided to do Valentines day on Saturday rather than Thursday which was a brilliant idea! Pancake day had also been a no show as Mr Cold had me wiped out and asleep on the sofa by 8pm. It seemed to make perfect sense to combine the two celebrations, the outcome being Valentine's Day pancake, win!
I decided to do something a little different so it was raspberry pancakes, along with caramelised banana pancakes on the menu. The rest of the day was spent reading the Bible together, aimlessly wondering along Chiswick high street, lunching in a sweet little cafe, a candlelit dinner and a movie. It was the lovliest, chilled out day I've had in a long time and the fact it was with Nick made it even better.

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