late summer picnic

I’ve been gathering and making some things for a styled picnic for quite a while now but with an August full of weddings and disappointing weather in between, it was only last weekend that I got around to doing it. Sunday was a surprise scorcher which was perfect! So here’s a sunny idea for a DIY picnic and I’m sure the concept would work just as well in your back garden for a few friends. In my next post I’ll let you know how to make the bits and pieces and the labels and invites will be available as a free download. Enjoy!
There’s nothing quite like homemade guacamole on a hot day. That’s actually quite a bold statement but it really is up there. Mexicans know how to cater for heat. The chilli kick and zesty lime keep the dip really fresh. I’ve only found out why people leave the avocado stone in the dip. It’s to stop the avocado going brown! Call me stupid but I just thought it was for decoration.

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