full of love

Hi! Sorry for my absence in blogland. There's been a whole lot going on and changes brewing which have left me little head space for much else. To my surprise January whizzed past, turning into one big rainy blur. Now suddenly it's February and nearly Valentine's and I went to get in quickly and share this simple little DIY with you.
All you need to make your little jar of love is...
  • downloadable labels
  • A small jar
  • A4 paper or inkjet sticker paper
  • Scissors
  • Heart shaped sweets

To make...

  1. Start by downloading your free printable sheet of labels. You can either print this onto paper and glue your labels onto the jar or you can print them onto inkjet sticker paper, which is a little easier.
  2. Choose a heart size that works with your jar and draw a circle on top of the heart pattern to cut out and use for the lid. Stick them on.
  3. Then fill your heart with sweets. I used heart shaped Haribos but it would work just as well with heart shaped chocolates.

And there you have a Valentine's gift you could probably rustle up in your sleep!

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