So that was October...

From left to right:
*Putting together an online portfolio is something I've been putting off since Summer. I get tired just thinking about it but at least I took the first step by shooting a load of stuff with Nick last weekend.
* So the much talked about Uk storm came and went and I slept right through like a baby. The next morning Autumn lined the floor rather than the trees and it looked kind of beautiful in the aftermath Sun.
* Tea drinking and slipper wearing had been on hold for a while but October left me no choice but to take up these activities once again.
* I'm sure I bake every week anyway but I felt like I baked a whole lot more this month, trying out new recipes and rehashing classics. Baked desserts taste a million miles better than bought!
*A whole month in our new church venue and hoping to stay on much longer. I'm so thankful for God's provision and I'm pretty sure the kids are chuffed about the extra running around space.
* I got new glasses! Hurrah I can see again! Been having a great time reciting shop and sign names from yonder distance just because I can.

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