I know that each time I give you a DIY idea I make a point of telling you how simple it is to make but this one really is the easiest and quickest project ever. So if you have the craft skills of a 5 year old then never fear, this ones for you!
You will need to get hold of some glitter sticker paper (a totally genius creation). I found mine in Paperchase and was encapsulated so the glitter ain’t budging but you can also find it here and probably many other craft shops and websites. 

You’ll need:

  • Glitter sticker sheet
  • Metal ruler
  • Card
  • Pencil
  • Scalpel
  • Cutting mat 
  • Clear glasses (look for a flat bottom to sit the candle in)

To make:

  1. Draw an elongated triangle onto your card. Make sure you measure how tall it needs to be for the size glass you have. Then cut the shape out to make a template.
  2. Draw around your template onto the back of your glitter sheet.
  3. Then scalpel each shape out, using the ruler to guide you.
  4. Take each shape individually and peel of the backing paper. Adhere to you glass, lining up the bottom of each elongated triangle next to one another.
  5. When you are getting near to making it the whole way round, work out how many more triangles you can fit in. I had to trim a little off some of my end shapes to make them fit snugly. Alternatively you could use a tape measure to record the circumference at the start and size your triangles accordingly but this is far too technical for my enjoyment!
Now you can light your tea lights and set these glasses a-glowing! They make lovely tables centres and it turns out they look pretty festive (not my intention) so they’ve come right in the (St) nick of time! 


  1. I'm planning to make glitter tea lights for our new year's eve party, but hadn't thought of doing it this way! Looks super easy and much less messy than the traditional glue / glitter combo!

  2. and no excess glitter popping up all over the place for days on end :)