so that was september...

From left to right:
*Out from the dusty depths came my tights, boots and coats. It wasn't the happiest reunion but I think I'm just about over it now and ready for that thing we call Autumn.
*Nick and I celebrated 2 years of being married. So much has changed since that lovely day but I'm very thankful for where we are.
*This was my very first month of Freelance Fridays. Aside from the pleasing alliteration, it's been so amazing to have an official day dedicated to doing my freelance projects. It's made my weekends a lot more relaxing. Welcome to my studio...our dining table.
*Leaves are turning golden and lining the pavements. Nick's 'I love Autumn' t-shirt has been worn all through Spring & Summer but has finally lost it's irony.
*Plans have been underway for our church to move for a trial at a new venue next Sunday. For more info check out the Trinity West blog.
*My favourite children's illustrator came to town! We made the most of it by visiting Mr Jeffer's new exhibition at Lazarides and spent an evening listening to him talk about his life, work and inspiration at the Southbank Centre. What a legend!

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