so that was may...

From top left...
*This month Wagamama waved good bye to my favourite dish ‘Amai Udon’. I’m still wondering what they were thinking, but the sad news undoubtably call for a visit to enjoy my 'usual' one last time. I'd forgotten how much I love their menus! There I was dreaming of how lovely it would look on a notebook.
*Lots of time spent finishing design details for my friends wedding. I've been getting confetti happy although my carpet is not so happy.
*Daughter’s new album has definitely been the sound track to my May. Give it a listen.
*I love the fact May brings us two bank holidays and even better that both were sunny this year. So sunny that it merited our first picnic of the year.
*I found a few moments to whip my pencil out in a few spare moments. The results to come.
*Flowers and blossoms, everywhere I look! Yay for Summer colour!


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  2. Love that colourful confetti! What a lucky friend you have!

  3. Noooooo amai udon was my favourite too! Now I've no idea what I'll order next time I'm at Wagamama! Fortunately the rest of your month looks much happier :)

  4. Nice read! I like the suggestions.