so that was april....

From top right...
* A case of misplaced eagerness perhaps? The day before it had been snowing for most of the day!
* My friend introduced me to Gail's Bakery last month and I felt it very necessary to drag Nick along to experience the yum factor too.
* So you may have noticed I love old fashioned signs. I found this one at Borough Market.
* Spring finally arrived, much to every one's relief.
* After years of attempting to go to 'Pick Me Up' graphics art exhibition at Somerset House, I finally made it. I'd recommend it to any interested in graphics or illustration.
* On April 9th, Nick and I had been together for 3 years. I was totally oblivious to this fact (oops) but swiftly realised when I came home to roses, cute!
* Pizza making with the boy, courtesy of our underused breadmaker. Try fig, goats cheese, prosciutto and caramelised onions. You won't regret it!
*This month I've really enjoyed going through the book of Ruth at Trinity West and was happy to have another chance to do some artwork for TW. Have a listen here.

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