count down

I know I said I wouldn’t be back for a month but I’ve been designing an advent calendar on and off for a little while and thought it made a whole lot of sense to post this before advent started, incase you want to have a go at making it. I decided to well and truly ditch a typical Christmas colour palette. Perhaps I’m feeling a little jaded by all the reds and greens that saturate the shops. Each box can hold a chocolate, sweet, toy, message or anything you like.
Download the printable A4 versions here. There are 9 pages worth! Print them onto card and cut around each box. Score along the lines marked below and stick the flaps to the sides of the box with double sided tape or strong glue. I would whole heartedly suggest strong glue. Some of my boxes sneakily popped open after a night’s sleep. Leave the edge marked below, to use for keeping the lid closed. You could also buy some sticker dots to hold the lids closed until they need to be opened.

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