bye bye basingstoke

Today is moving day! We are waving good bye to our cosy, little flat in Basingstoke and transporting all our worldly possessions to Shepherd's Bush in Laaandon town! God has graciously helped us raise money through some very generous people, which will fund Nick's year as a pastoral intern. He'll be working for a newly planted church in Shepherd's Bush, which is really exciting. You can follow his journey on his shiny, new blog. After 4 years I will finally be living in the same place as my work, a surreal notion after becoming a seasoned commuter. Amidst all the fun and excitement of a new start it's sad to be leaving our first home together, as well as both our families and close friends. I'm taking this opportunity to have a break from blogging for a month, in order to settle in to life in a new place, as well as catching up on four other projects I'm working on for friends. See you in a month!


  1. No doubt a bittersweet time.

  2. Hi there,
    I've been following your blog for a while. I also live in London and am just wondering what church you are referring to? Only because a good friend of ours has just started a church plant in Shepherd's Bush and I'm wondering if it's the same church...? You're in great company if it is! God bless with the move and new job!

  3. Ha! Just read your husband's blog and it is indeed the same church. Such a small world! Say hi to Reuben for me and if you'd like to meet up any time for coffee I'd be happy to make a new friend in the blogging world and welcome you to West London.
    Claire.x (Parkin. Reuben/Geraldine can verify I'm not a stalker!)

  4. Hi! That's so funny! Yes we are indeed in Shepherds Bush and getting to know Reuben and his family and I'm guessing you know Geraldine from Duke Street? So you're out west too? It would be cool to meet up seeing as we share at least 2 passions :)

    Teri x