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Hello! It’s been a while. Here’s very simple DIY idea. I don’t think you need to be even remotely creative to have a go at this one. You can buy rolls of brown parcel paper from shops like Whsmiths, Wilkinsons, Ryman, Paperchase. Using this and a few other things you can easily create sheets of polka dot gift wrap, in any colours you like. 
To make the wrapping paper you’ll need the following....
1)Find something circular to draw round. I just had a scout round my living room to find the right size shape, but coins would work quite well too. 

2)Then draw round your object onto your sheet of card and using a scalpel, cut the circle out, whilst leaving the edges still in tact.
3) Then start placing the stencil where you want dots on the paper and using your paintbrush or a sponge to dab on the paint.

Don’t use too much paint as this will create blobs and the colour will saturate the stencil and misshape it. I made a new stencil for each colour to avoid the stencil wearing out or colours mixing. The circles won’t be perfect but that just adds to the home printed affect...or at least I Iike to think so. In hindsight acetate would make a better stencil than card, as it should warp. Maybe give that a whirl and see.

Leave each colour to dry in between applying the next and soon you’ll have a whole sheet of dotty delight!
I styled my wrap with some bakers twine and the tags were made using some cool stamps I was given as a present. They're available from amazon I do believe. You could use the same polka dot technique (it seems almost too simple to call it a technique) for decorating other things like notepads, envelopes or even try it with fabric paint onto fabric. I’ll leave it to you to think up the rest.

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