ladies afternoon tea

Last Saturday was an excuse to get a bit girly with an afternoon laid on for the ladies of our weekly bible study group. It was a chance to chat and hear a bit more about how we all became Christians and our journey with Jesus since. It was also a chance to eat some delicious sweet treats and sip cups of tea (very sophisticated indeed). The tea party certainly wasn’t a unisex occasion, with the doily theme, heart bunting and mint and candyfloss colour palette running throughout. 
Speaking of all this tea, I have to say I've never been that interested in the stuff until very recently and I'll admit it's entirely down to my husband’s influence. To understand Nick's relationship with tea a little better, all I really need to say is that he has a sizeable box devoted entirely to good quality loose leaf teas and he is more than happy to tell you the origin, flush and flavours of each individual one. If guests ask for tea in our house, they don't quite realise what they've let themselves in for. This self-confessed ‘tea snob’ has some how managed to convince me that a cup of loose leaf black tea is very satisfying on a cold evening, in fact I’m pretty sure I initiate a nice brew more than him at the moment. Having said this nothing will replace my morning coffee. 

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