pimp my vase

You may have noticed I love jam jars! They’re such a cheap and easy way to store and present things. Here’s a quick little DIY idea for jazzing up your plain, glass jam jars with a few bits and pieces you may well find in your craft stash at home. It would make a bunch of flowers into an even sweeter gift or perhaps an idea for a wedding and party centre pieces. Just be careful not to get the paper wet if you fill it up for flowers. Soggy isn’t a good look. You'll need....
Wash out your jam jar and clean off any labels. Once dry attach the ripped paper with some double sided tape and wrap around the jar. Overlap the paper slightly and attach with another line of double side tape. Then do the same with your lace and wrap your string or twine round and round. Transfer a phrase onto your tag (I trimmed mine to make it even smaller) and thread this on to the twine/string. Finish it off with a bow and your vase is complete. 

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