give your cake some love

Why not give your cake creations something extra with an interesting topper. They certainly aren't just for wedding cakes anymore! I decided to make a carrot cake for my husband's birthday last month. Two tiers sounded like a modest idea so I went with three instead and created a monster. If you fancy giving it a whirl then it's one of Lorraine Pascale's delicious recipe. Any cake that requires 9 eggs is going to be decadent!

I decided to ditch candles and finish it off with my very own birthday cake topper for a bit of fun. If you fancy jazzing up your next birthday cake download the free printable version here. Just print onto card or paper, cut-out and sandwich two wooden skewers or knitting needles between the  two sides when sticking it together. C'est voila! Bye bye candles and glace cherries!

Here are my top 6 cake toppers for a bit of inspiration, all of which could be easily made.
1. Buy this pastel cake bunting here.
2. Get decorative with this tissue and crepe paper pom pom topper.
4. Make yourself a sweet pie topper with alphabet pasta.
5. Get your hands on this tassle topper.
3. Make an adorable teacup cake topper.
6. Buy or make this simple ribbon garland topper.

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