so that was august...

As you may have read I’ve recently returned from the sunny climes of Turkey. Having a break for two weeks reminded me how necessary it is to have a decent amount of time away.  One week doesn’t really do the trick if I’m wanting to relax fully, forget about to do lists and rediscover my sense of humour. Despite this the adjustment to being back on home soil has been harder then I thought. So what do I miss? Well....

*Waking up to guaranteed sun 
*Complimentary mezzes...surprise!
*Opening my curtains to mountain views
*Being able to swim lengths in the outdoors until my legs feel like jelly
*Baklava dripping with honey
*Late night Lagretto games
*Spending entire days with the hubby
*For it to be totally acceptable to have homemade cocktails every night
*Spectator mountain goats lining the roads
*Ditching wheels for a rudder
*Over friendly stray Turkish dogs
*Endless reading time
*Forgetting what day it is
*The smell of suncream
*Freshly caught fish on my plate and in my belly
What are the perks on being home? Well...

*British safety (never thought I'd grow to love our over cautious health & safety policies)
*The beautiful flat landscapes of Shepherds Bush. Not a hair raising, barrier-lacking mountain road in sight.
*Our church family, much missed!
*Supermarkets selling cured meat in a colour spectrum that doesn’t verge on magenta
*Being able to flush my toilet paper down the toilet rather than putting it in an unhygienic little bin, yuck!

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