Here are some little snapshots of inspiration I've found out and about recently. From the top...

Northcote Records juicy typography caught my eye walking down Northcote Road. 
Jewel coloured notebooks in Paperchase. Total simplicity with a 'Look at me' colour and I'm sold.
New card range by Ingela P Arrhenius for Lagom. They could pretty much produce anything and I’d love it .
Paperchase gift wrap is usually lovely but this combination particularly caught me eye.
Fun hand drawn monochrome menu at Bryon

Patterned stationery from Nineteen Seventy Three with an awesome colour combination, proving that a limited colour palette is not always best.
Great recipe books with pop art covers. There's something quite comforting about their retro feel. The Leon series can be found in Waterstones.
Cute illustrated Cat from M&S. Now I'm no fan of cats but how sweet is this?
A tribal notebook I found in Paperchase. They probably need to put this print on a dress, a scarf, a tote, a...

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