handmade with love

Today the spotlight falls on my good friend Lora, who has recently launched her own accessory business called Lora Dora. It’s early days but her Etsy shop is up and running and full of gorgeous bags in all sorts of colours and patterns. She has been working as a fashion designer since graduating but has chosen to specialise in accessories for her own venture. 

Lora and I go way back to the teeny age of 7 and most of our friendship has revolved around art and design. Back in year 3 we would spend ‘wet play’ drawing side by side and funnily enough producing spookily similar pictures. Our secondary school French lessons were less about French and more about doodling cartoons to pass back and forth to each other. Come our BTEC National diploma we were desk buddies, covered in paint and buried under a pile of material and masking tape. Lora moved to London just a few months after we did and is set to give Lora Dora a shot. She has always been a very skilled maker and has tons of drive when it comes to design. Check out her Etsy shop here. She commissioned me to do some branding for Lora and Dora and I happily obliged. It’s very different designing for a fellow creative. She knew exactly what she was after and even gave me a mood board and colour palette which made it a whole lot easier. What a pro!

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  1. I love it! Although I can't believe we've known each other that long....