a spoonful of sugar

I love Oreos and I love fudge so this seemed like a very happy idea. The recipe is so simple and doesn't require a huge list of ingredients. 

To make the fudge...
1.Break Oreos into small chunks and split one of the cans of condensed milk in half. 
2.Heat some water in a saucepan until it simmers and then put the white chocolate, butter and condensed milk in a heat proof bowl and melt over the the simmering water.
3.Drop Oreos into the mixture and give it one gentle stir. Then pour this mixture into a lined 8 x 8 inch pan.
4.Leave in the fridge for one hour until set.
5.Then wash the heatproof bowl and reuse over the simmering water, to melt the dark chocolate and the remaining can of condensed milk. Stir while it's melting and then pour over the white chocolate layer and spread to the sides. 
6.Place back in the fridge for another hour before cutting.

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